this possible? livestreaming could someone help me

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this possible? livestreaming could someone help me

Indlæg af gamora77 » 19. mar 2019, 11:26

i basically want a website with one thing. just a streaming video player that people can watch. and i can broadcast to it with my OBS

next, under that i could embed my youtube chat. thats really easy too. so i would have stream + chat. easy. i want to use my youtube chat, but i want my stream to be my own (not from youtube)

im thinking this should be easy to create for anyone with some experience in html... LINKS FJERNET AF ADMINISTRATOR
am i right on that or wrong on that ?

also. i dont want this to be a "embed" of youtube or twitch. no. i want it to be my websites own streaming player, that i broadcast to (using my OBS) then it plays on my site

my big question is... i think my web host (bluehost) is giving me unmetered / unlimited bandwidth (or close to it). meaning i think bluehost can already function as a streaming server to output my stream if i use their bandwidth

all i need is the HTML code to upload to my website, to create this website... and i bet the HTML code is so short and easy you could basically post the darn thing and i copy/paste it into my website

can anyone help me do this? should be so easy for someone with a bit of experience. you could probably knock out this task in one hour
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Re: this possible? livestreaming could someone help me

Indlæg af cristian » 20. mar 2019, 11:08

Why write the question in english?

Starting of with saying "its easy" sends the wrong vibe, because if its super easy than why dont you do it?
Enforcing it over and over does not really help, just some friendly feedback.

Question: Is this possible?
Answer: Sure

Unlimited bandwidth does not mean unlimited bandwidth, it means you can use what is considered fair.
Some companies say that fair use is within 250GB a month, some less, some more.

You need a static public ip address, a domain and a public webserver.

I dont know if this can be done in pure JS, maybe if OBS can advertise the recording as multicast to a address or from a address.
I would not know, i dont use OBS.

You should probably state, what you have ready and what you need.
Do you have a public IP, domain and webserver?
Have you checked if OBS can broadcast the stream to a IP?